Students, when you sit in capacious and bright classrooms and everyone together to learn lessons, when you and your friends are playing, along with activities, work together, and when you and your partners to solve the learning difficulties encountered in daily life, if you feel the students between the share of sincere friendship, unity and bring happy?
Unite students, interaction with people in good faith is a student of good quality and psychological quality of specific performance。
   The future society to talented person's demand, many aspects of the comprehensive quality, especially with the sense of cooperation is particularly important, the sense of cooperation and solidarity between students from small and friendly exchanges。
To tell you a true story。 In the province of Liaoning normal university education system, there are two special student, a woman named Zhou Tingting, the other one is called Wang Zheng。
   One of them was blind, a deaf。 However, this is two made Helen Keller combined fleet, two people in life, let's help, Zhou Tingting could not hear the sight, she made Wang Zheng's eyes; Wang Zheng could not see, she did not ear, two people each other, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, in learning has made outstanding achievements。
   Why can they succeed? It is because they have a successful a magic weapon -- solidarity, mutual cooperation。
Boys and girls, in our side, you also can often feel to this success? Yes, our class to carry out the group cooperation learning, the young pioneers activities hand in hand twinning activities, these are not the unity and cooperation of the embodiment of good? However, we see not hard also, in a class, we often find there are so few students, always love and classmate bumps, today and the students disagreed, tomorrow and that students do not speak。
   Often I hope everything will follow what they want, so it is easy to produce contradiction with classmates。 Therefore, they are also not a good friend。
   In fact, a class is a big family, classmates are brothers and sisters, to each other to care each other, comity, there are different views to be negotiated。
   Listen to the opinions of others is a good quality, learn modestly from others, found that the advantage of others, it is a foundation of unity。
   People get along well with others is a very happy thing。 Unfortunately, even such a simple way, also not be all around us accepted。
   Have a look a day on food, those who cut in line, feel at ease and justified, not ashamed。 Such a person, do not understand love; others, learning or working, without considering chasing, loud, not to place oneself in others' position to consider themselves to bring others to interference, such a person, do not understand love; little Shun, opening reproved, do not consider these filthy language brings around the embarrassing, so man, don't know love; no object, no occasion, to take delight in these weaknesses, who, without exception, do not understand love。
   These actions, in harm of friendship between the students, both in the pollution of our common living environment。 The students talk about love, just a few minutes。
   Give love, experience love, will accompany us in life。 Rather than starting from the front, not to jump the queue, not noisy, do not say bad words, do not laugh at people, let love oasis nourish our soul! The classmates, solidarity, mutual cooperation, not only is the survival and the development condition, also is the modern society development demands of people。
   With the rapid development of science and technology, a personal behind closed doors type of creation is not possible, it needs more people learn to cooperate with others, coexistence。
   One game, one squadron activities, a clean, an invention, a creation, without you, I, his collaboration。 Work well, complete quality efficiency is higher, and otherwise。
   In fact, we have to develop cooperation with the people's awareness and habits, to become a good at uniting the people, good at understanding other people, be good at communication and cooperation of talents。
   Students, let us start from now on! ` ` ` any of us in this world is not isolated, must and people around the various relations。
   You are a student, you should study with my classmates, playing together, common to complete their studies; are you a worker, will and his colleagues work together to complete, factory production tasks; you are a soldier, will and his comrades together, along with training, to defend our motherland 。
  。。 。。。 In short, no matter what you are in the occupation, whether you when and where, are inseparable from the cooperation with others。
Visible, successful cooperation not only to have unified target, try to do your job well, but also think of others, think collective, with the spirit of sacrifice oneself。
The students, the modern society is a society full of competition, but also a need cooperation society。 As a modern man, only to cooperate with others, to achieve greater success。

同学们,当你坐在宽敞明亮的教室里和大家一块儿学习上课时, 当你和朋友们一起游戏,一起活动,一起劳动时,当你和伙伴共同解决了学习生活中遇到的困难时,你是否感受到了同学之间那份真诚的友谊,团结带来的快乐呢?



  这些行为,都在伤害着同学之间的友情,都在污染着我们共同生活的美好环境。同学们,谈谈友爱仅仅是几分钟。而付出友爱,体验友爱,则将伴随我们一生。不如从眼前做起,不插队,不吵闹,不说脏话,不嘲笑人,让友爱的甘泉滋养我们的心灵吧! 同学们,团结友爱,互相协作,不仅是人们生存和发展的条件,也是现代社会发展对人们的要求。
  随着科学技术的高速发展,仅靠一个人“闭门造车”式的创造已不可能,这就更加需要人们学会与他人合作、共处。一次游戏,一次中队活动,一次打扫卫生,一次发明,一次创造,离不开你、我、他的共同协作。协作得好,完成的质量效率就越高,反之就不然。 实际上, 我们从小养成与人合作的意识和习惯,将来才能成为一个善于团结别人,善于理解别人,善于交往与合作的人才。