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  How do the first section of the new semester language courses
The first lesson is very important, both to new teachers in the minds of the image of the students, but also directly affect their future interest in learning and enthusiasm。
   Must be carefully prepared, a cannon fired to provide students with a high level of re-understanding of the language lessons irreplaceable value, and has since dead set in love with the language。
   This is the first step in a successful language teaching - or even more than half of the。

Each batch of students I taught, the previous two sections is never too busy talking new courses; the main thing is to mobilize interest in learning, made it clear that learning meaningful to introduce the learning method, and so on and so forth - and I dubbed the sharpening class。
With regard to the value of language learning, meaning, importance - on a high school freshman also required to have, but also talked at length about, because when they are junior high because the examination-oriented education has produced a deep misunderstanding of the language or even antipathy。

To enable students to produce an unprecedented favor of language, so that they understand: language learning has a bearing on their future and destiny。
   More related to their quality of life。
How a college entrance examination reform our language is tied for first place - always a third。
2 of this conduct themselves in society and make great achievements of the base。
3 to form a powerful centripetal force of national cohesion magnetic core。
4 is the spirit of the architect, the patron saint of mind。
5 alias of life。
See also Master of the excerpts from the papers:
   To stimulate interest in
For students interested in non-concentrated, negatively passive learning attitude, I always begin to stimulate their interest in language learning and a strong desire, so that they have a strong internal drive, resulting in not learn not, unable to stop the psychological needs, to high enthusiasm into language learning actively and consciously make up for their poor。

Interest in shock, I summed up the following points experience:
First, we must face the Shanghao the first section of each batch of new language courses。
   This lesson to enable students to create unprecedented interest in the language and understanding, resulting in in the same twelve years, I do not know Mulan is a girl aesthetic surprise: Oh, the original, our mother tongue, we learn and use for so many years Chinese language is such a wonderful, magical呀! To this end, I created a lyrical prose, I love you, Chinese and also collected the Chinese characters Wonderful Wizard (note the text), admirable (essays), Chinese complex (excerpt) (Yu Cultural Journey ), listen to that cold rain (excerpt) (Taiwan Yu Kuang-chung, see Hong Kong and Taiwan literature and fine lyrical election ), etc。
   Interest-arousing information, Successive used, the effect very good。

Second, in the subsequent teaching activities, we must continue to protect and strengthen the interest aroused from the original to make it more strong and lasting。
   Specific methods are: ① The shock of the interest, ② to the intellectual shock, ③ to feelings of shock, ④ to the territory of the shock, ⑤ shock to the US's。
   (See the author monographs, to stimulate interest in language learning and culture)

Third, we should always use a good ability to target to encourage the students。
   Gorky said: The higher a person's goal, his Cai Li grow faster。 Face of each batch of new life, I have first of all, they strive to become 51 lay, as the supreme goal of language learning , lifelong pursuit。
   I say 51 lay means to achieve ① hand stating that you wish, ② a Tiezui, ③ a masterpiece stomach famous article, ④ a good article, ⑤ a forever young at heart This five standard people。
   If language teaching for all students to be able to develop into a kind of 51 lay, I think it is the greatest success。
   (See the author monographs nurture language skills, to shape 51 lay - I view the language and practice of quality education)

Beautiful goal, can often inspire students to persevere, and consciously strong interest in learning and motivation。
I love you, Chinese
Liaoning Wei-Min Liu
As Chinese people, is what makes us the freedom to convict the beauty of heaven and earth, analysis of the reason everything? What makes us the freedom to imminent roll Shu Storm before the color, between the gateway to zhuyu chanting voice?

   Only English!
To express the will of the Chinese language gives us the rights and freedoms, the Chinese language gives us the ability to transcend time and space and ability。
Oh, Chinese, wonderful spirit of the creature! They not only represent just some of the death of a certain sound and meaning of symbols, which is clearly more full of wisdom, full of emotion, good singing and dancing, will be breathing, living wizard!

Do not overlook the right to speak。
   You express yourself, you only get a life。 (Shu Ting) each at the crucial moment, because of the inadequacy of language and Zhuaernaosai, blush or even Souchangguadu thick neck, and stamp their feet beat their chests - share of embarrassment, share of embarrassment, far better than in the flesh pain or respiratory Zhise。

Born Chinese, but not noticed the beauty of Chinese language; have said so many years Chinese, but not had a real taste of the Chinese language style; peer twelve years, I do not know Mulan is a girl: This is another kind of regret, sorrow Or, unfortunately, sin? !

The Book of Songs, Songs of Chu, verse folk songs, Han, Wei and ancient customs, poetry, drama Qu Yuan and Ming Ming and Qing fiction 。
  。。 。。。 This is what a magnificent treasure trove Block ah! How can you even had its door, for not repeat?
Please listen to the praise of linguists it: Chinese characters, in addition to acoustic phonetic symbol of the role, both the image and expressive; shape and meaning of Chinese characters, not only accumulated a long-standing cultural traditions, but also embodies a rich nation psychology, folk customs; can be seen that Chinese characters with a rich cultural nature。
   Founder Chinese shape, structure, symmetry, rhyme combination of tonal beauty, but also has a neat structure, beauty and sweet music America。
   If the essence of Calligraphy and the chanting of the United States, its spectacular, its sonorous have addressed - an exercise in the world can not get along with any other comparable language。
   Chinese pay attention to the strict word order, sentence order, slightly reversed, and the table is intended for change, and conspicuous failure and keep on fighting is a world of difference。
   However, they also freely between the Smart box, which means endless! Chinese concise, word meaning little Feng, another highlight of the logic, Meaningful implicit nature of unparalleled simplicity 。
  。。 。。。

Please listen to the masculine beauty of Chinese: Come Yishui Han Feng Xiaoxiao, a warrior does not not return to Come! K-Swiss air force Nukiyama Come, when the adverse Come Zhui not disappearing! Songs of the wines when life is geometry? laughing out to the sky, I am one generation How can it be basil? From ancient times who has not died, according to Han Qing specimens from loyalty! Ju to the men, and a few heroes, but also look at the present! 。
  。。 。。。

And then listen to the feminine essence of Chinese: I will carry on Xi-Yang Liu Yiyi; this I came to thinking, rain and snow started falling; mining Ju Tori, the leisurely to see the mountain; asked Jun to have how many unhappy, looking like a Spring River Flows East ; tonight Jiuxing Where? Willow Shore Xiaofeng moon ; Petals were independent, micro-Swift Flying 。
  。。 。。。

Take a look at the poet Su Shi Qin Guan's friends wrote a letter (circle poem):
Twilight Tour
Have spent
The normalized
Wake up to the
Micro horse
Force, such as
Wine Fly
Said so much, summed up a good standard of language courses, I think the most fundamental thing is three: First, with the characteristics of materials, the beauty, so that students are improving language literacy; two of such features, the beauty of the sentiment, it is necessary to explore their own co-operation approach to be achieved; 3 is to try to practice the timely adoption of such a sentiment, which translated into capacity, literacy。
   Among them, the beauty of the article is from the article what is written on how to write a Why did you write Why write, these areas and to compare thinking to understand that, and this is also the students to explore what the main。
  In fact, any one teacher, as long as their basic quality, but also grasp the laws of language teaching, can last a good classroom is colorful。
   Grasp the laws of language teaching, nothing more than to grasp the language subjects of law and the law students。 Its content the following table。
   How flexible use is that each of savvy, accomplished。 As long as the law of all aspects of the elements can overripe in the chest, grasp the co-ordination, teaching ideas with the same, you are a conscientious good language teachers。
   All roads lead to Beijing。 You are on the class, certainly not bad to go。
   There is no need to belittle and kneel down in the master to look up at the foot of their shape or academic bizarre diorama upset his nerves。