I was walking along the street when a stranger stopped me and asked me the way to a new restaurant. I answered and told him  the route  and direction carefully. As soon as I finished, the stranger thanked me and started off. To my surprise, he went in wrong direction. Then I stopped him at once and told him what wrong he had made. Unexpectedly, he smiled and told me the truth that he didn't really want to ask the way, but, instead, he was just trying  to know whether everyone knew exactly where the new restaurant was, for he was the new owner of the restaurant. Then I knew who he was and what he wanted to do.
An Instructive Day
Today is March 12, our national Tree Planting Day. Our Class observed the day by planting trees.
In high spirits we talked and smiled all the way. As soon as we got to a piece of wasteland far from the school, we began to work. Some were engaged in digging holes; some were busying themselves in covering the roots of the young trees with earth and watering the trees one by one. We worked so hard that soon each of us was wet in sweat.
On the way home we kept on singing up, because we've done a good thing to make our homeland green.
One day three men got a bottle of wine. But the wine was not enough for the three and each of them wanted to drink the wine alone. Then they all agreed that they each would draw a snake on the ground and the one who first finished drawing would be given the wine. So they began to draw on the ground with sticks.
It was not long before one of the three finished drawing his snake. He took up the bottle of wine with pride. He was about to drink when he found the other two were still busy with their drawings. “How slow you are!” said he, “I can even add feet to my snake before you finish yours.”
He put down the bottle and began to add feet to his snake. But before he inished, another man took hold of the bettle and said,“I've finished. Snakes have no feet, so yours is not a snake.”With these words he drank up the wine.
Ladies and gentlemen, I want to say something about trees. As we know now trees are very important to human beings. First of all, they benefit our health. They send out oxygen for us to breathe. We can't live without trees.Secondly, trees can beautify our environment.
As trees are so important, we must do our best to protect them. We must enforce the tree protection laws. We must plant as many trees as possible.Only in this way can we live happily in the beautiful world.
Respecting Parents Programme
Showing respect to parents is one of the Chinese traditional moral values.As most of the students today are “the only child” in their family, they often regard themselves as the“centre”of the family, without caring much about their p(本文来自第一范文网 ,转载请保留此标记。)arents. Our school started a programme when the new year came.It is “Respecting parents programme”. Ten“Do's”have been worked out for the students to follow clearly and easily, including:
“Remember your parents' birthdays and express your best wishes to them; say”hello“to your parents when you see them returning home; and tell your parents where you go when you leave home.”
The programme has been successful, and has won praises from parents and other sides of the society. People say this is what we should have done earlier!
How to Protect Your Eyesight
It is important for everyone to keep good eyesight. But do you know how to protect your eyesight?
First, don't keep your eyes working for a long time.  You'd better have a rest by looking in the long distance after you have studied an hour or so.
Second, pay attention to the following: Don't read in the sun or in a poor light; don't read in bed or in a moving bus. And when you read you should keep the book away from your eyes for about a foot.
And third, do eye-exercises every day. It will also help you keep good eyesight.
If you obey the rules above, I think,  you may prevent your eyesight from becoming short-sighted.
Dear Anna,
How glad I am to hear from you and to know that you are getting on well with your Chinese study at Beijing University.
To learn a foreign language, one should not only study the language itself, but also study the everyday life of the native speakers of the language.You've been in China for only half a year. I don't think you have known much about our life at home. Why not come to my place and spend the Spring Festival with my family?
My parents and I are looking forward to seeing you. We'll surely meet you at the station.
Best wishes!
Li Hong
Time is important to everyone. Lost time will never come back. We must keep this in mind in our daily life and make the best use of our time. Only in this way can we succeed in life.
How can we make full use of our time? First of all,  we'd  better make a plan. We should arrange our study, work and rest. We can know what we should do next so that we can save as much time as possible when we study or work, we should put our hearts into it. We should spend every minute on it.After a period  of time's study and  work  we  can  take a good rest.
I think that all of us should emphasize using our time effectively.
June 5,Sunday
I went out to see a film after supper. On my way to the cinema, I met an Englishman named John, who had lost his way. I gave up the chance to see the film and took him to his hotel. While going there, I told him the great changes that had taken place here in the past few years and John told me something about his country.

永远别放弃希望(Never Give Up Hope)
  Life doesn't always give us the joys we want.
  We don't always get our hopes and dreams, and we don't always get our own way.
  But don't give up hope, because you can make a difference one situation and one person at a time.
  Look for the beauty around you--in nature, in others, in yourself--and believe in the love of friends, family, and humankind.
  You can find love in a smile or a helping hand, in a thoughtful gesture or a kind word. It is all around, if you just look for it.
  Give love, for in giving it you will find the power in life along with the joy, happiness, patience, and understanding.
  Believe in the goodness of others and remember that anger and depression can be countered by love and hope.
   Even when you feel as though there isn't a lot you can do to change unhappiness or problems, you can always do a little--and a little at a time eventually makes a big difference.

一个梦想(A Dream

 A dream is to a man what wings are to a bird. With a dream in the deep heart's core, a man is spontaneously driven to hitch his wagon to a star. A dream is an inexhaustible source of energy that keeps our enthusiasm burning, and kindles our desire to enhance our spiritual cultivation, refine our character, and upgrade our quality of life. A life without a dream is like a bird with broken wings, confined to a cage and oblivious of what lies beyond the range of its vision. On the contrary, a man with a dream is like a warrior armed with ambition, foresight and gallantry, daring to step into an unknown domain to make a journey of adventure. It is dream that adds fullness, variety, and spice to our life and makes it worth living. I have a dream. It is d dream that is deeply rooted in human nature. I dream that one day people of all origins can live in harmony and peace without being discriminated against or persecuted. The bounty of the earth can be shared by every single human being. Mutual respect will guarantee the existence and continuation of the diversity of customs and cultures. Love, sympathy, and cooperation will alleviate the sufferings and disasters inflicted upon our fellow men. Respect for basic human rights will put an end to social injustices and evils. When my dream comes true, all men will be truly equal, happy, and free.

烦重的课业(Heavy Schoolwork

In my opinion, the schoolwork now being assigned to high school students is too heavy. While it is true that students need to study, they need other things as well if they are to grow into healthy and well-rounded adults. High should be allowed more time for play. Plying is not wasting time, as some think. It gives them physical exercise, and also exercise their imagination. Which tends to be stifled by too much study. Finally, the pressure put on high school students by excessive schoolwork can cause serious stress, which is unhealthy physically and mentally. I do not advocate the elimination of schoolwork. I do think, however, that a reduction of the current heavy load would be beneficial to students and to the society as a whole.